How do I order?

  1. In our online shop, click on the photo of the product of your choice and then on the "Order now" button..
  2. You will then be invited to benefit from the advantages offered by the Aquarelle Club (you can subscribe at this stage in just a few minutes). Choose the delivery location, date and time.
  3. Complete the order form.
  4. The final stage is payment. Have your credit card to hand as you will need to enter your details on our payment partner's secure site.
  5. Once you have validated your payment, you order is confirmed.

What information do I need to order?

First of all, check when the person who will be receiving your order will be available to take delivery before choosing a date and time slot. We will then ask you to provide as much information as possible to assist our courier partner in making the delivery.

On the order form, you will be asked to enter:

  • the name, address and telephone number of the recipient.
  • any door codes, floor or staircase numbers and any other observations which might be helpful to the courier.

What is the latest time I can order for next day delivery?

  • For a delivery from Tuesday to Friday, you must order the day before 5 pm.
  • For a delivery on Monday, you must place order by Friday before 5 pm. 


Which payment methods are accepted on your site?


What should I do if my payment is not accepted?

If your payment failed, you may ask to be contacted by our Customer Service to complete your order.
Please note: Your bank details are not stored on our server. You will have to re-enter your order if it was not validated.
If your payment was refused, please contact your bank or financial establishment


Do you deliver everywhere in the Netherlands ?

We deliver everywhere in the Netherlands. 

Delivery costs: 9,80 €

Do you deliver to other countries?

You can send an Aquarelle bouquet to the following countries:

Germany: www.aquarelle.de
Belgium & Luxemburg : www.aquarelle.be
Spain: www.aquarelle.es
France: www.aquarelle.com
The United Kingdom: www.aquarelle.co.uk
Switzerland: www.daily-flowers.ch
United States: www.odealarose.com

Each site is independent and any advantages you accumulate on a specific country site are valid on that site only.

Do you deliver to public places (churches, cemeteries, function rooms...)?

Delivery to public places can involve risks, particulary as we cannot guarantee a fixed delivery time within your chosen time slot.
We suggest that you choose instead the address of a specific individual who will be able to take reception of your parcel.

Do you deliver on Sundays and public holidays?

We don't deliver on Sundays and public holidays.

Can you deliver at a specific time?

We offer several time slots each day, we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time.

What happens if the recipient is absent?

To see our conditions of delivery, Click here.

Following your order

I made a mistake in the address, the name or the delivery date. What should I do?

Aquarelle composes and dispatches your orders almost instantaneously.
Please contact our Customer Service as quickly as possible, so that your changes can be taken into account before delivery.
Please have your order reference to hand to help our staff process your request as quickly as possible.

How do I track my order?

You will receive an e-mail with the photo of your bouquet when your parcel leaves our premises and is handed over to our courier. A link will be provided for those companies that have their own tracking site.

The product does not correspond to my order (size, composition, accessories). What should I do?

In the event that your order has not been fulfilled correctly, Aquarelle is committed to finding a solution. The photo taken just before your order was dispatched is designed for this purpose. Please check with your recipients that they have received the products that you ordered before registering your complaint by telephone or email. We will always take your complaint seriously and will do everything we can to provide a solution.

I have just received an Aquarelle parcel or a message from the courier

I don't know who sent the parcel. I didn't find a message inside the box.

Every order is accompanied by a message card, which may be at the bottom of the box. If you cannot find it, you can contact our Customer Service with the order reference printed on the address label.
If there is no name at the bottom of the message, this means that the sender wishes to remain anonymous and Aquarelle has agreed not to divulge his or her identity.

I found a message from a courier in my letterbox

This means our courier came to your home and was unable to deliver your parcel. Please call the number provided on the message.

What should I do if the parcel is damaged?

If the parcel is damaged, please open it and check the state of the contents. If they are damaged, please contact our Customer Service.
Our staff will be able to help you more quickly if you can provide the order reference.
This number can be found:

  • The order confirmation e-mail or invoice
  • On the message card or delivery box
  • The dispatch confirmation e-mail.

Our products

Do you do bridal bouquets?

Do you do special arrangements for funerals?

Do you do customised bouquets?

Each week, our catalogue is updated according to the season and the calendar. This is why it always features more than fifteen different products. Our descriptive texts are also specifically composed to inform you about the nature and origin of our products.
We have chosen to orient our catalogue towards seasonal compositions that can easily be tailored to all occasions. 

If you have a special request for delivery of a large quantity of a particular product, our Marketing Department is here to help. Please contact : Guy-Luc Kreusch

Our additional services

What services are included in my order?

For no extra charge, you can choose these options when ordering.

  • see a photo of the actual bouquet sent out for you.
  • send us a photo to print out and enclose with your order
  • add a written message,

How do I send a printed photo with my order?

Tick the box: "Send a photo with your bouquet" on your order form and enter your email address. Once you have paid for your order, you will receive an acknowledgement email containing a link via which you can send us your photo file.
NB: The file must be sent not more than 15 minutes after placing your order, in GIF or JPEG format, and must not exceed 1 Mo.

How can I view the photo taken of my order just before it was dispatched?

The proof of order photo is a free service that will only be applied if this option was selected when you placed your order, with a tick present in the box: "I wish to receive an e-mail containing the access codes for the photo of my bouquet taken just before it was dispatched".
If you have not received the email containing the link and the codes for viewing this photo, go to the "Order Follow-up" page on our site, where you can ask for the codes to be resent.
Please note: photos are only kept for 15 days after your order is sent.

Our promotional offers

Promotional offers are special 'non-catalogue' offers selected exclusively for club members by Aquarelle.nl.

How can I take advantage of these offers?

Subscribe to our "Newsletter" by going to the bottom section of our site.

I can't read your e-mails

In each of our offers, you will find a link (generally at the beginning of the email: "Pour visionner correctement ce message : accédez à la version en ligne". By clicking on this link, you will open a browser window containing the offer.
If the problem persists, check that your computer authorises this type of link or contact our Customer Service.

Your promotional offer doesn't work

Please note that our offers have a time limit and are available in limited quantities. When an offer can no longer be fulfilled, you will be redirected to our catalogue.

I have a gift token. How do I use it?

On the payments page, in the 'gift tokens and advantage code' section, enter your code.
NB: the reduction code cannot be combined with any other offers, is non-refundable and can be used for as many orders as you wish during its validity period. It is only valid for the site on which it was issued.

My gift token doesn’t work

  1. Check the site on which it was issued. For example, a gift token issued by Aquarelle.nl is not valid on Aquarelle.be.
  2. Check that it has not expired.
  3. Check that you have entered the 16 figure code of your gift token correctly, with no spaces between the characters.

If all these points have been checked, keep the 16 figure code gift voucher to hand and contact our Customer Service.

I have a reduction code. How do I use it?

On the payments page, in the 'gift tokens and advantage code' section, enter your code.
NB: the discount code cannot be combined with any other offers, is non-refundable and can be used for as many orders as you wish during its validity period. It is only valid for the site on which it was issued.

I forgot to enter my discount code

All reductions must be validated before payment is completed and cannot be attributed retrospectively.

How do I unsubscribe from the Aquarelle Newsletter?

At the bottom of each of our promotional emails, there is a link allowing you to reduce the frequency of the emails you receive or to unsubscribe permanently.
To change your preferences, click here

Our loyalty programme

What advantages do I get with the Aquarelle Club?

Your Aquarelle Club card is valid on Aquarelle.nl. 
Joining is easy and free of charge and you will benefit from a reduction on your 4th order and on every 3rd order thereafter: 10% of the total value of your last 3 purchases of flowers or chocolates (excluding delivery).

What do I do if I've lost my Aquarelle Club access codes?

Go to the Club Aquarelle section, enter your email address, and your codes will be sent to you immediately by email.