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Winter heather and pink Cyclamen

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Winter in pink
Give your garden a splash of color in winter with the pink colors brought to you by cyclamen and heather, which flower generously when other plants retire. This plant duo is the perfect choice to bring natural elegance to your garden throughout your winter and beyond. In addition to their beauty, the ease of maintaining these flowers is a real asset for heather and cyclamen.
The intensity of the pink may vary depending on arrivals

Instructions for care

How do I care for a Cyclamen?
Watering: water generously until the water comes out of the drainage holes. Don't over-water, as you usually do, leaving water in the saucer, which will cause asphyxiation and root rot. Even after very good watering, the soil often dries out completely after four or five days. So check the condition of your soil at least twice a week. Temperature: if the indoor azalea is too delicate to withstand the cold outside, it should not be kept near a heat source. Place it in the coolest, brightest part of the room, near a window if possible, but away from direct sunlight. Outdoors: Don't take the plant outside before May, in part shade and out of the wind. Apply fertiliser every 15 days and make sure the plant doesn't dry out.

How do I care for a heather ?
Heather needs to be watered regularly, but not excessively. If it receives water directly from the rain, you will hardly need to do anything. However, make sure that water doesn't stagnate in your cups and empty them regularly. If autumn and winter are wet, we recommend that you remove all the saucers from under your pots to prevent root rot. If your heather does not receive direct rainfall, water it sparingly, always leaving the surface of the soil to dry between waterings.
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Included flower pot
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