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Woodland lily-of-the-valley

Woodland lily-of-the-valley

Woodland lily-of-the-valley

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A fragrant 'Cedar' scented candle (190g)
A fragrant 'Cedar' scented candle (190g)

A fragrant 'Cedar' scented candle (190g)

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Product description
The sweet scent of happiness!
Once again, Aquarelle.com brings you the freshest, most fragrant woodland lily-of-the-valley. This wild variety, daintier and with more densely packed flowers, will delight you with its sweet, intense perfume, as if you'd picked it yourself! We've left these 3, 4, 5, or 6 clusters of lily-of-the-valley in their bed of soft, green moss so that you can replant them and enjoy their scent for many seasons to come...
Each cluster contains 10 stems with its roots and a few leaves.

Your lily-of-the-valley will be delivered in a pretty natural zinc vase.
Instructions for care
Lily-of-the-valley is a woodland plant and likes shade and cool temperatures.

The following care tips, which will be included with your order, will help your recipient enjoy this lily-of-the-valley for as long as possible:
  • In a pot: It will grow happily indoors or on a balcony in a plant pot. In any case, it should be placed somewhere shady.
    Indoors, water lightly in the evening.
    Outside, water your lily-of-the-valley more frequently so the soil does not dry out.
  • In the garden: To replant your lily-of-the-valley, wait until it has finished flowering, then place it in a shady corner of your garden.
    First remove it gently from the pot, dig a hole half as deep as the soil ball, place the lily-of-the-valley in the home then tamp down the earth around it and water it.
    The first year, you will need to water it regularly.