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Vibrant Azalea

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A fragrant 'Cedar' scented candle (190g)
A fragrant 'Cedar' scented candle (190g)

A fragrant 'Cedar' scented candle (190g)

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Product description
A charming flowering plant
Aquarelle's florists picked out this exceptional 'Ostalet' azalea for its vibrant, deep fuchsia flowers... This abundant plant has a dense, generous flowering season that lasts for several weeks and is accompanied by a pretty plant pot.

Height: 30 cm including pot
Instructions for care
This indoor azalea selected by Aquarelle comes originally from China.
It requires rich, acidic soil, medium light in the summer, stronger light in the winter and careful watering. This plant produces very fine, abundant roots which dry very quickly in potting soil, especially when it is in flower.

The following tips will help you take care of your plant:
  • Watering: Water generously until water comes out of the drainage holes. Don’t make the common mistake of leaving water in the drainage dish, which suffocates and rots the roots. Even after a thorough watering, the soil can still dry out after four or five days, so it should be checked at least two or three times a week.
  • Temperature: If the indoor azalea is too delicate to resist the cold outside, it should not be kept close to a source of heat. Place it in the coolest part of the room, near a window if possible but away from direct sunlight.
  • Outside: Only place your plant outside from May onwards, in half shade and out of the wind. Add fertilizer every 15 days and check for dryness.
  • Befor the frost sets in, bring the plant in to a cool place(6 to 12°C) and water moderately until the first buds appear to reward your efforts! A new cyle then begins...