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Verrines of Lily-of-the-valley

Verrines of Lily-of-the-valley

Verrines of Lily-of-the-valley

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Product description
Fragrant verrines!
In France, May Day is the traditional time to exchange wishes of good luck and happiness and our florists have created this pretty gift of 4 stylish glass verrines, each filled with a cluster of 10 stems of woodland lily-of-the-valley. Our lily-of-the-valley is hand-picked and preserved in a bed of soft moss, ready for replanting so you can enjoy your flowers again and again! Each bouquet contains 10 stems with their roots and a few leaves.

Delivery available until 3 May
Instructions for care
  • In a pot : It will grow happily indoors or on a balcony in a plant pot.
    Indoors, water lightly in the evening (the plant pot is waterproof, so beware of overwatering and leaving excess water to stagnate in the bottom).
    Outside, the soil can easily get too dry, so water your lily-of-the-valley more frequently.
    As soon as your potted lily-of-the-valley has flowered, cut the flower stems to avoid exhausting the plant. Repot it if the container is too small and ensure that the new pot has a drainage hole to avoid accumulating stagnant water that will rot your plant. In any case, do not place it in direct sunlight, but in a shady spot.

  • In the garden: Before replanting your lily-of-the-valley, wait until it has finished flowering. Plant it in a shady corner of your garden in soil rich in humus. First remove it gently from the pot, dig a hole as deep as the height of the ball of earth around the roots, tamp down the earth around it and water it. Cover it with a layer each of soil, leaves and twigs. The first year, you will need to water it regularly.