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Pink Butterfly Orchid

Free scented candle !
An orchid + a 70 g scented candle

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Product description

Special offer: free scented candle!
This beautifully long-lasting 'So Satisfied' phalaenopsis boasts two tall stems covered with delicate flowers in subtle shades of pink and will look just as good in your home or your office... It comes in a stylish lacquered ceramic plant-pot, accompanied by a 'Red Peony' scented candle (approximately 16h duration, height 7cm, diameter 5.5 cm).

Orchid height including pot: 50 cm

free scented candle

Instructions for care

How to care for a phalaenopsis orchid?
  • After flowering, cut the stems of any wilted flowers above the second eye (20 to 25 cm from the foot).
  • Light: Plentiful light but keep away from direct sunlight and cold draughts.
  • Température : Between 18° and 21°C.
  • Watering: Soak your plant once a week in slightly tepid water then drain it well before returning it to its outer pot. From March to September, add a little fertilizer once a month.
  • Repotting: Every 2 or 3 years with a special orchid mix – indispensable to help your plant develop.
  • Outside: Avoid putting your plant outside during the summer, unless it can be sheltered from the rain, and monitor the temperature closely, as it can fall to around 10 to 12°C.