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Calissons from Aix

60 mini calissons (360g) / 84 mini calissons (504g) / 126 mini calissons (756g)

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Traditional 'Calissons' from Aix en Provence!
These mouth-watering mini 'Calissons' are made from an original recipe combining delicately flavoured preserved melon, blanched almonds and orange zest, covered with a fine layer of royal icing. Share the delicious taste of Provence with your friends and family!

29 € - 360g (60 mini calissons)
39 € - 504g (84 mini calissons)
59 € - 756g (126 mini calissons)

Composition and conservation

About our Calissons d'Aix

In keeping with the ancestral art of confectionery, our ‘calissons’ are made exclusively with natural products. The ingredients are rigorously selected to preserve the taste of the original fruit. Our recipe combines mouth-watering crystallised orange peel and melon with blanched almonds set on a wafer base and topped with glacé icing. These traditional ‘calissons’ from Aix-en-Provence will melt in your mouth in a burst of incomparable flavour.

Composition: Almonds, Cane sugar, Icing sugar, Crystallised melon (Melon, sugar, glucose syrup), Crystallised orange peel (Orange peel, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Citric acid), Egg white, Glucose Syrup, Unleavened bread, Colouring (E104 E132 E110 E122), Natural flavouring (vanilla, strawberry, lemon, orange, pistachio).
Made in france
Made in france
French & traditional production
150 years know how
150 years know how
Made by our chocolatier
Quality ingredients
Quality ingredients
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