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Bonsai and 70g scented candle

Bonsai and scented candle

Bonsai + a 70g scented candle

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Product description

A feel-good duo!
This miniature tree is a veritable work of art and will create a beautifully zen Japanese garden in your home. It needs plenty of light and should be watered regularly. It will flourish best if placed outside during the summer months, but not in full sunlight.
And to complete the zen ambiance, we've added a delicious 'Cedar' scented candle (70g for a duration of around 16 hours).

6 year old bonsai (height 25 -30 cm) + candle: 41 €
8 year old bonsai (height 35 -40 cm) + candle: 58 €

Precautions for use

How to care for a Bonsai
  • Light:The ficus should be placed close to a sunny window. It tolerates sunshine, but dislikes draughts and should also be kept far away from the radiator which dries the air. In the winter, the ficus loses 50% of its foliage, which it renews in the summer.
  • Watering: Maintaining a bonsai means observing and understanding its needs. Remaining attentive to the slightest variations will help to keep it in good health. Learn to check the soil by scratching it a little on the top to see if the mass of the earth ball is still moist. The soil should more or less dry out between waterings. Add fertilizer mainly in the spring and autumn. Reduce the dose and stop completely in winter to allow the tree to rest.
  • Outside: The ficus is not resistant to frost and should be grown inside as soon as the average temperature drops below 15°C. In the summer, you can put your bonsai outside as long as the temperature does not drop below 15°C. This will be beneficial to the tree and make the foliage more abundant.
How to use our scented candles?
Our candles are perfumed with essential oils and composed of natural wax.
  • When you use it for the first time, burn your candle for 1 or 2 hours
  • Avoid burning your candle for more than 3 consecutive hours
  • Never leave your candle burning unwatched
  • Keep lit candles away from any flammable objects
  • Trim the wick regularly to 0.5-0.7 cm while the candle is cold
Parfums made in Grasse
Parfums made in Grasse
The French capital of parfums
100% vegetable wax
100% vegetable wax
Best sent and longer duration