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Authentic Iced Chestnuts

Roses & Iced Chestnuts

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Product description

Made by our master confectioners
Rediscover the mouth-watering flavour of traditional French 'marrons glacés'. Low in sugar, they preserve all the authentic taste of the fresh chestnuts, with a mouth-watering drop of syrup nestling in the centre.Your iced chestnuts will be accompanied by a pretty bouquet of 15 'Arlequin' roses.

Composition and conservation

How to preserve our iced chestnuts

Our iced chestnuts should be kept in their original packaging in a cool, dry place at between 6 and 8°C.
We recommend that you eat them at room temperature to enjoy the full taste: remove the wrapping, break the chestnut gently in two to reveal the translucent fruit imbibed with syrup.
  • Composition : chestnuts, sugar, vanilla pods, glucose syrup.
Made in france
Made in france
French & traditional production
150 years know how
150 years know how
Made by our chocolatier
Quality ingredients
Quality ingredients
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