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'Mini Vineyard' grapevine

Mini Vineyard

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Product description
Send an authentic grapevine!
This decorative and original addition to our catalogue, grown in Perpignan in the south of France, is one of the most popular fruit-bearing plants. Who hasn't dreamed of having their own grapevine trailing above a terrace? We've selected a few of our favourite wine-growing varieties, all suitable for replanting: According to market arrivals, these 'Muscat d'Alexandrie', 'Muscat Petit Grain', 'Macabeu' or 'Grenache' stock vines will bear a generous crop of sun-gorged grapes by the end of the summer. A perfect gift for the season !

Grapevine 15 years: 39 €
Height including pot: 35 - 45 cm
Instructions for care

How to care for a potted grapevine

The following care tips, which will be included with your order, will help your recipient enjoy this plant for as long as possible:
  • Watering: Water every day during the spring and autumn, keep moist in the winter.
  • Fertilizer: Use a base fertilizer in the autumn and a complete one in the spring.
  • Location: Outside or inside in a light space after flowering. Once the leaves have fallen, the grapevine tolerates temperatures of -4 to -5°C.
  • Pruning: In the autumn, once the leaves have fallen, trim or maintain the tendrils at a length of 12 to 15 cm. Trim to 2 buds in March-April according to the region (no further risk of frost).
  • Foliage: During the growing period, nip off the tip of the current year’s shoot to 20-25 cm. Pinch off any leaves, whether marked or not, to encourage the latent bud.
  • Repotting: Every 2 years. Trim the roots and change the soil.