Over Aquarelle

Aquarelle, florists since 1987

In 1987, Aquarelle opened its first shop in Paris. Within a few years, Aquarelle had built a network of flower shops in Paris and the provinces and had already become a reference amongst florists. Bouquets to keep or to give, in simple bunches or harmonious combinations, country-style bouquets combining flowers with fruit or woodland berries, delicate, fragrant compositions - our ideas and expertise quickly made Aquarelle's shops the success they are today.

Years of online experience

In 1997, Aquarelle opened its web site, delivering flowers all over France. Our high quality bouquets and reliable delivery times ensured the success of this service, which is now the European market leader. Today, with years of experience on the Internet, Aquarelle's web sites offer an exceptional service, as much for the impeccable quality of our flowers and the originality of our bouquets, as the speed and reliability of our deliveries and the range of services provided. Combining floral craftsmanship with the latest Internet technology, Aquarelle is delighted to share its passion for flowers with you through a highly original collection of bouquets.

Aquarelle-Boeckx NV is ontstaan uit een samenwerking tussen :

  • Aquarelle, floristen in Parijs, gekend sinds hun ontstaan voor hun innoverend concept en hun sterke aanwezigheid op het internet
  • J.C. Boeckx, floristen in Antwerpen sinds 1931 : uw garantie voor kwaliteit, originaliteit en efficiëntie, al vier generaties lang

Aquarelle Gourmand

In 2005, in response to our customers' wish to send other types of gifts, Aquarelle launched Aquarelle Gourmand, offering a unique range of delicious artisan-made chocolates and fruit delicacies.

Les Natures d'Aquarelle

In 2013, Aquarelle expanded with a new collection of scented candles - Les Natures d'Aquarelle - for a fabulous journey of the senses through a range of floral, botanical and woodland fragrances.

Our flowers 

Uw Boeket

Op onze on-line catalogus, zult u een brede keuze van boeketten vinden. U kunt eveneens de prijs ervan kiezen en wij passen volume en samenstelling in overeenstemming met uw selectie aan. In tegenstelling tot de systemen met doorgave naar een locale bloemenwinkel, controleert Aquarelle.nl het geheel van de vervaardiging van uw boeket en produceert nauwkeurig het boeket zoals u het wenst te schenken. U ontvangt per e-mail de foto van het boeket, dat speciaal voor u werd samengesteld, net vóór het vertrek voor verzending. 

The freshest flowers

In Brasseuse, a charming village in France, in a beautifully restored 19th century distillery, Aquarelle's florists design, compose and hand-tie your bouquet. With fresh arrivals of flowers every day, our florists take the greatest care when creating your bouquets to ensure that you enjoy them for as long as possible. We wrap the stems of each bouquet in a special gel guaranteed to keep your flowers fresh. Our fast delivery service ensures that your bouquet will reach its destination in perfect condition.

Romantisch, geparfumeerd of exotisch... onze collectie van boeketten evolueert met de kalender, de seizoensbloemen en de inspiratie van onze bloemisten. U zult eveneens op onze website onze " Markt van de Dag " terugvinden met onder andere lavendel, zonnebloemen, ranonkels, pioenen en hortensia's: één en dezelfde soort bloemen, handgeplukt en handgebonden in onze eigen exploitaties of bij onze kleine "producentpartners".

Our chocolates and fruit confectionery

Our chocolates

Aquarelle Gourmand offers a range of high quality chocolates and fruit confections. On our web site, you will find a wide choice of product assortments, made with all the creative skill and traditional expertise of the finest artisans. All our chocolates are prepared with pure cocoa butter made from rigorously selected cocoa beans. Our recipes were developed by the great Parisien chocolatier, SALAVIN, already renowned during the Belle Epoque for the quality of his products.

Our fruit confectionery

For aficionados of almond pastes, fruit pastes and 'calissons', Aquarelle Gourmand has selected a range of exceptional products. Their high quality is achieved by processing the natural ingredients as little as possible, guaranteeing a product with very little added sugar. Our products are made in France.


Our fast delivery service guarantees the quality of our chocolates and fruit delicacies on arrival. Packaged in a specially adapted box, your assortment will travel in the best possible conditions. It should then be kept in a cool dry place. For more information about our fruit delicacies, click here.


Our scented candles

Our 'Les Natures d'Aquarelle' range was born from a meeting of like-minded people with a passion for flowers and fragrance. Together they created a range scented candles using the most natural ingredients and essences.

Aquarelle worked closely with various experts in the field, including Karine Boudot, a perfumer and co-founder of PCA, a perfume house working with top quality raw materials in their production centre in Grasse, widely recognised at the perfume capital of the world. She develops completely new, personalised perfume compositions, in the field of both cosmetics and home perfumes.

As ideas abounded, the desire to find the perfect alchemy while telling a unique new story overtook us! To inspire her creativity, Aquarelle gave Karine Boudot a series of key words, resulting in 12 fragrances designed to reflect the trademark's affinity with nature. For each fragrance, Aquarelle took advantage of its in-depth knowledge of floral scents, developed over 25 years of working with flowers, thus adding a new dimension to our trademark with 6 new perfumes.

  • Cedar, timeless, aromatic and subtle
  • Fig tree, the warm, refreshing fragrance of the Mediterranean
  • Jasmin neroli, a spicy aroma with sweet, floral notes
  • Red peony, prolong the pleasure of this extraordinary, ephemeral fragrance
  • Garden rose, the unique scent of an old-fashioned garden
  • Tuberose, fall under the spell of this subtly heady perfume
  • Hyacinth, savour the sweet floral notes of this captivating flower
  • Fig, fruit and leaves mingle in this fragrant ode to the fig-tree
  • Lilac, dive into the springtime notes of a garden of white lilac
  • Narcissus, rediscover the generous scents of nature
  • Frangipani, fresh, sweet and exotic, with notes of citrus
  • Cinnamon, warm and deliciously spicy

Een snelle en betrouwbare levering

All our products are delivered throughout Belgium and Luxemburg.

Delivery costs by product: 9,80 €

Time-tested logistics

Placed in a specially adapted box with its stems in water, your bouquet will travel in the best possible conditions.
Our experienced courier services guarantee a fast, efficient delivery.